One of the most frequent questions I was asked as a Persian cat breeder is, "how often should I bathe my Persian?"  Really, there are many possible answers to this question. There is so much information that should be consider when grooming your Persian than just how often to brush or comb and how often to bathe.

Grooming your Persian Cat

Persian cats 
need to be groomed on a regular basis.  Persian cat grooming works best when it becomes routine for both the Persian cat or kitten and their human caregiver.  

Grooming your Persian cat or kitten becomes easier for the cat or kitten when it is a regular part of their daily routine.  For example, you might try giving a snack or reward after you groom your Persian.  A Persian cat or kitten will tolerate grooming if they feel they are rewarded afterwards. 

Given all the information there are many factors that play a role in how often your Persian should be bathed, such as your brushing and/or combing habits, your Persians eating habits, their personal hygiene, type of hair/coat they are genetically predisposed to, overall health and environmental and geographical factors.

For more information on specific factors that affect your Persians coat, hair/coat types, groomingdemattingdegreasing and bath preparation please read the following articles.

More Persian Grooming Tips

Persian Facial Stains

When grooming your Persian cat or kitten you may be fighting facial and front ruff stains.  Facial staining on a Persian cat shows much more in a lighter colored coat than a dark colored Persian.

Persian Cat Hair Types

Cats have four basic hair types, for complete description, please visit our Persian Cat  hair type page.

Persian Cat Bath Preparation

There are several things to consider when you are preparing for bathing your Persian cat.  Please read our article on Persian cat bath preparation before bathing.

Persian Dematting

Removing mats and knots in your Persian's coat is VERY important.  If we can tell you one tidbit of information about grooming, it is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER put a matted cat into water.

Persian Degreasing

After your Persian cat is brushed out and all the mats have been removed, it is time to degrease the coat prior to bathing.  Degreasing a Persian will take some time, practice and patience on both your part and your cat.

Persian Cat Bath

Now that you have degreased your Persians coat with Groomer's Goop Premium Degreaser, it's time to move onto the Persian cat bath shampoo phase of the grooming your Persian.

Drying Your Persian after the Bath

Once you have your Persian bath completed, now it's time to move onto drying your Persian cat.  Have patience, you're almost done.


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