There are a few good products that we recommend to use to degrease your Persian cats coat.  One product (pictured) is Groomer's Goop Premium Pet Degreaser.  If you choose to use Groomer's Goop to degrease your Persian coat, do not use the Goop Hand cleaner, it is not formulated for pet’s coats.

Groomer's Goop Cleans Oily Coats

We recommend making sure that your Persian cat is comfortable with both you and the bathing process before even attempting to use Groomer's Goop for degreasing.

It is best to allow plenty time in your schedule if you are going to attempt such a project. Groomer's Goop works best when it is applied directly to a dry coat.  Typically for an adult cat you would use one entire container of Goop.  Please note that if you are attempting to use Groomer's Goop for the first time, we recommend only a small amount of Goop to start to make sure you are completely comfortable with the degreasing and bathing process.  We have found that if you heat the Groomer's Goop in the microwave for approximately 30-40 seconds then stir it until it is the consistency of a thick liquid it helps the application process.  It is VERY, VERY important to make sure the Groomer's Goop is not too warm. If you get it too warm you will burn your cat.  Remember that your hands can tolerate much warmer temperatures than a cat’s sensitive skin so please be very conscious of this fact.

Once you have started to apply the Groomer's Goop to the coat, work the Goop into the coat taking each hair rubbing it between your thumb and forefinger.  Work each hair from the root to the tip and vise-versa.  You will want to also concentrate on the underarm, belly, ear, neck and ruff areas as these areas tend to be the most-greasy areas of the cat.  During the de-greasing process your cat will look like a "Goopy Mess," this is pretty normal so don't panic!

Start working the Groomer's Goop Glossy Coat Shampoo onto the coat with the already applied Groomer's Goop, you will want to work it through completely down to the skin.  Work this for several minutes. Once you feel you have worked the Goop into each hair strand it is time to remove the Goop and start onto the bating process.  When you start the bathing process, it is imperative to get the Goop out of the coat completely.  The first time I used Groomer's Goop to degrease my Persian, I didn't get it washed out well enough and ended up with a cat that had a coat that was just as greasy as I started with.

You can find Groomer's Goop premium pet coat grooming products on the internet at many retailers.