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CH Jordanalisa's Lionors

Lionors was featured in the Calico and Bi-Color Division of the Persians Magazine, All About America's Favorite Cats Volume 1, 2nd Edition 2007 of the Popular Cats Series Magazine.  Lionors is pictured on page 61.

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CH Jordanalisa's Hot Rod
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CH Jordanalisa's Summertime Blues
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CH Jordanalisa's Anna's Legacy

Rocky Mountain Persians and Exotic Shorthair is your online source for feline care, health information, cat toys, grooming tips and tools and resources all about cats! Find information about Persian cats and Exotic Shorthair:

Welcome to our website, we have developed a website that we hope is not only fun and functional but educational. We hope you enjoy your visit and learning about the Persian cat breed and caring for your Persian cat or kitten. We truly hope you have a pleasant time searching for your next Persian cat or kitten and find a few tips along the way to help in your next acquisition of your new family member.

We offer information on how to distinguish between a reputable and responsible Persian cat breeder from a backyard (for profit only) Persian cat breeder.  Did you know that there are several facial structures?  Do you know how to determine whether the face you're looking for is a doll face Persian or an extreme, flat face?

In addition to offering Persian cats and kittens for sale as well as Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Longhair Cats and Kittens for sale, our website offers a wealth of information and articles about the Persian Cat breed. You will find information about what to expect when you bring a new kitten into your home and much, much more. Cat care information includes: Grooming Tips, dematting a Persian cat, degreasing a Persian cat, cat bath preparation and drying your Persian cat, kitten proofing your home, low cost spay and neuter clinics, information about de-clawing your Persian cat and a wealth of information about supplies and cat toys, zoonotic diseases, stages of Persian kitten development to poisonous plants and household toxins.

Persian Cat Care - Feline Information - Grooming Tips and Information

Behavior Behavior Modification - Feline Separation Anxiety - Dollfaced versus Extreme Flat Facial Structure

You will also find information about feline problem behavior modification such as feline separation anxiety, litter box issues, facts about euthanasia, coping with pet loss, tips to know if your cat is mourning the loss of another cat as well as our recommendations for great books about Persian cats. As a Colorado Persian cat breeder, we photographically explain the the differences between traditional dollfaced, flat faced and extreme faced Persian cats. Please enjoy your visit, check out our jokes page and come back often as we are constantly adding information specific to Persian cats and kittens as well as Exotic Shorthair cats and kittens.

When we were breeding and showing Persians cats and Exotic Shorthair cats, we were a small family operated cageless Persian and Exotic cattery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We could not keep every kitten in our pursuit of the perfect kitten for showing, therefore we had Persian kittens available for sale. My husband and I do not have children so our cats and kittens are our four legged children. Our cats and kittens are showered with love and attention and know the house is theirs and we are their servants!!

Our Persian and Exotic Shorthair kittens did not leave our home until they were completely ready to do so. We felt that rushing a Persian kitten or Exotic Shorthair kitten out the door before they were ready would do more harm than good. Your new Persian or Exotic Shorthair kitten is going to share your life and companionship, we feel that waiting an additional two to three weeks for them to grow will only enhance their development socially making their transition into your home a smooth one. Any responsible Persian cattery will never release a Persian kitten from their care prior to twelve weeks of age. Not only is this against Colorado State law as mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture, but it is detrimental to the social development of the kitten.

Most responsible cat breeders will only release their Persian kittens be placed with the signing of an agreement that indicates you have a limited time to spay or neuter your new kitten. In most cases, the rights to breed a kitten are NOT sold with the kitten.  Many breeders will be offended if you ask to breed the kitten "just once." 

When we placed a kitten to a home that was out of our geographic area, we shipped our kittens within the continental United States. Our airline of preference is Continental Airlines, we have shipped Persian kittens all over the United States to states such as Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Maryland, Nevada, Utah, Ohio, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin and South Dakota. Locally, in Colorado, we have kittens currently living in Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Security, Widefield, Brighton, Castle Rock, Parker, Arvada, Evergreen, Greeley, Littleton, Morrison, Longmont, Alamosa, Golden, Westminister, Edwards, Monument, Gunnison, Breckenridge, Englewood, Buffalo Creek, Boulder, Parachute, Centennial, Elizabeth, Craig, Cortez, Gypsum, Centennial, Highlands Ranch and Durango.

Special thanks to Lisa Thostenson of Jordanalisa Persians. Lisa has been a blessing with our Persian cat ventures, without her help we would not have made it to where we are today. Thanks Lisa for being such a wonderful mentor and friend. For complete information on how to find a Persian Cat breeder who is participating in the Cat Fanciers Association Mentor Program, please visit the Cat Fanciers Association website.

Whomever said "money can't buy love" obviously never bought a Persian...

Groomer's Goop Products are great for degreasing a Persians coat!

We recommend you try Groomer's Goop Degreaser, Glossy Coat Pet Shampoo and coat conditioners. Does their coat attract dirt and look greasy? If you answered yes, your Persian's coat may need to be degreased.

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