What does your cat miss being indoors?

  • By keeping your furry feline friends indoors, they will miss the following:
  • Getting hit by cars
  • Being abused by cruel people
  • Eating poisoned food
  • Collecting fleas and ticks
  • Being attacked and maybe killed by dogs
  • Hunting and eating rats, bunnies birds
  • Defecating in your child’s sandbox
  • Contracting feline leukemia
  • Getting lost
  • Meeting rabid wildlife
  • Being shot by BB guns or worse
  • Fighting with other cats
  • Getting FIV (feline HIV)
  • Getting intestinal parasites and bringing them home
  • Contracting ringworm and bringing it home
  • Walking on wet, pesticide treated lawns
  • Eating week old garbage
  • Crawling into warm car engines
  • Shivering in cold, rainy weather

Do your feline friends a favor, keep them safe and keep them indoors. On average, indoor cats live 15 or more years, while outdoor kitties live just 2 or 3 years.


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