Preparing to bring your kitten home - kitten proofing

When preparing to bring your new Persian kitten home, you will want to "child proof"  or "kitten proof" your home.  Imagine yourself as a kitten and look at things from their point of view.  You would see many "opportunities" for things to play with, many of these opportunities may not be safe. 

Kitten proofing your home may prevent a costly trip to the emergency room, or worse yet, a tragedy. If you kitten proof your home, your new kitten will remain safe, happy and healthy.

There are many items to consider when child proofing your home, you should ask at least the following questions:

  * What type of plants do you have, are they poisonous?
  * Are there cords out in the open?

  * Are my computer cords organized and "child proof"?
  * Is there a string or cord dangling from the mini-blinds or curtains?
  * Is there potpourri sitting out?  It's toxic to cats.
  * Are there small animals to protect such as a hamster or a mouse?
  * Are there any torn or ripped screens on any windows that get opened? 
  * Is there a doggie door that needs to get locked?
  * Is there a water fountain?
  * Are there any sharp objects laying out, ie knives, swords, etc.?
  * Are there any small holes into cupboards, walls, behind the washer and dryer?
  * Is the furnace and water area enclosed and out of access?
  * Are there any open, uncovered heater vents?
  * Are there pet birds?
  * Do you have a fish tank?  If so, is the lid secure, if not a kitten could fall in and drown.
  * Are there any large dogs that are not accustom to cats?
  * Is there a fireplace, is it open or closed with doors?  A spark can ignite the cat fur.
  * Do you have a wood burning stove?
  * Do you cook on a gas stove?
  * Do you burn candles?
  * Do you use scented potpourri oils?
  * Do you have items such as sewing, knitting or bead work crafting materials laying out?
  * Do you have a second floor?  Does this second floor have banisters and spindles rather than a wall?
  * Do you have small excitable children that need to be prepped on how to handle a kitten?
  * Do you have children that leave a door open to the outside or to a garage?
  * Do you have heavy items sitting on a dangling doily that could be pulled down?
  * Do you have a utility room that you store hazardous materials, such as anti-freeze, paint thinner, etc.?
  * Do you have a linen closet with moth balls?  Moth balls are toxic to cats.
  * Do you have a paper shredder? A cat jumping on it can turn it on.
  * Do you have rocking chairs or recliners that can crush a paw under the weight?
  * Do you have open toilet bowls?  
  * Do you have a string mop sitting out?

Once you have asked yourself these questions of your home and remedied any situations, you are now ready to bring your new Persian kitten home.