Finding a Lost Pet - Pet Identification Systems

Statistics show that every thirty seconds, a pet becomes lost, stolen or missing in the United States.  Welcome to the new generation of pet identification systems.  There are systems that go beyond the conventional pet ID metal tag that hang from a hook on the cat's collar.


These new pet identification systems greatly increase the chances of reuniting a lost cat with its family. These products require a little more money and time investment than ID tags, but they can give you greater peace of mind knowing that your cat can be identified and returned to you.  Below are some great systems to identify your pet should he/she get out of your home and become lost. If you have a lost pet, remember in this situation it is much better to remain calm and do not panic.

Collars and Identification Tags

Collars and tags are a reliable way to identify your cat should he/she become lost. Make sure your cat wears an identification tag that has your current information on it. You can order them from pet supply catalogs and stores, veterinary offices, and animal shelters often have forms to order ID tags.

Microchip Pet Identification Systems can help aid in your pet be returned safely to you.

Microchip Pet Identification Systems

The most advanced of the pet identification systems uses a microchip implanted just below your cat's skin as a means of identification. When this microchip is scanned with an electronic decoder, the sophisticated chip will return a unique identification number. The advantage to the microchip is that your cat can always be identified even if its collar and tags are lost. The chip manufacturers have donated thousands of scanners to municipal animal control facilities and non-profit shelters to make sure that they are equipped to read the chips. These services offer a 24-hour toll-free number that will contact the cat owner with the kitty's identification number has been found.


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