Persian kitten placement package.  We provide each new Persian kitten owner with a placement package or kitten kit.  Each kitten kit includes the following:

Persian kitten - Each kitten placed is placed with a spay or neuter agreement which states that the kitten being placed must be spayed or neutered prior to eight months of age.

Placement contract - Each kitten is placed on a contract, each contract spells out exactly what is covered and what is expected of the seller and the buyer.

Health guarantee - Each kitten is placed with a two year written health guarantee against congenital defects.  A congenital defect is defined as a defect that is present at birth.

Vaccination record - Each kitten is placed only after he/she has had their age appropriate vaccinations.  We vaccinate our kittens at six, eight and twelve weeks with a three way vaccination. For kittens that leave my home on an airplane, those kittens remain with us longer and receive vaccinations at 16 weeks of age.  A three way vaccination includes rhinotracheitis, calici-virus and panleukopenia (distemper).  We also vaccinate all of our kittens against Bordatella.  Bordatella is also know as kennel cough in dogs.  Kennel cough is transferable from dogs to cats and vice versa.  We also age appropriate preventive de-worming with Nemex-2 dewormer and Drontal.

Low cost spay-neuter list - Each kitten is placed with a list of low cost spay and neuter clinics throughout the Front Range of Colorado.

Grooming information - Each kitten is placed with a grooming summary sheet with a wealth of grooming information to groom your Persian kitten.

Kitten supply list - Each kitten is placed with a new kitten supply list, this list contains information specific about the food and litter your new kitten is accustom to.

Sample of Dry food - Each kitten is placed with a small sample of the dry food that your new Persian kitten is accustom to eating.

Sample of canned food - Each kitten is placed with a sample of the canned food that your new Persian kitten is accustom to eating.

Sample of Toys:  Each kitten is placed with each of the most  popular toys in our cattery.  Your new Persian kitten is accustom to playing with these toys. Toys offer a great way to help your kitten adjust to their new surroundings.

We are always available  to assist you in any way we can to ensure the transition for your new Persian kitten is a smooth one.  It is our goal that our Persian kittens and Persian cats have a healthy and happy life.



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