"Bringing home a new Persian, what supplies do I need?"

To make the transition and acclimation period an easier, less stressful on for your new Persian kitten, it is back to the same saying, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. It is recommended that you purchase these items in advance of bringing your new Persian kitten home.

Food - It is best to keep your new kitten on the same kind of food he/she is accustom to eating as well as feeding times and frequencies.  A change in diet can cause digestive upsets which can result in vomiting and/or diarrhea.  It is recommended that you do not change the diet of a new kitten.  In the event you choose to change the diet of your new kitten, do it slowly over time, give your new kitten time to acclimate to his/her surroundings and get settled.  Diet change is not recommended for at least one to six months.  Slight changes in food can even cause digestive upsets.

Litter Box - Whether you choose to use a covered or uncovered litter box there are things to consider.  A covered litter box prevents litter from being distributed throughout the room due to a kitten who is a vigorous digger.  A covered litter box gives the kitten the privacy to do their business without an audience.  Bear in mind, kittens are like children, when the urge to go hits them, they got to go.  One litter box per floor is recommended for homes of multi-levels.  Show your new kitten where the litter boxes are, put your new kitten in the litter box.

Cat Litter - It is best not to make any immediate changes for your new kitten, cat litter is no exception.  Whether you choose to use the standard clay litter of the clumpable / scoopable litter is up to you, the better question is, "will my kitten use the litter box if I change litter?"

Toys - Toys are a great way to entertain your new kitten.  Toys for kittens should be thought of as toys for babies.  If a toy has moving parts, strings or parts that will come off easily, it may not be safe for your new baby kitten.  Toys with strings are a hazard, shoe strings, tinsel, lace, ribbon, yarn and thread are not safe.  Items that can be easily swallowed invite trouble and a trip to the emergency room for surgical removal.

Kitty condos - Just like humans, cats and kittens desire to have a place to call their own.  A kitty condo is a great place for your kitty to escape from the household chaos for a quick cat nap.  Giving a kitten a place to call their own is also a great way to help a child set boundaries as to when not to bother the kitty.

Scratching posts or trees - Many cat owners misunderstand scratching behavior.  Owners often ask "how do I keep my cat from scratching?  The best answer is not to stop them from scratching, but rather re-direct it.  Cats scratch for three main reasons. Physical things happen when a cat scratches, form exercise and stretching to conditioning the claws, but most importantly, cats are marking their territory. Please visit our Scratching Posts - Cat Scratching Behavior Page.

Cat Carrier - When selecting of a cat carrier, bear in mind your kitten is going to grow.  A cat carrier can be a plain plastic (hard sided) or a soft sided carrier.  The thing you want to remember is to allow enough room for your kitten to sit upright, stand upright and turn around.

Grooming tools - Grooming tools can be as basic as a metal tooth comb and a pair of cat nail clippers to as extensive as a professional groomer’s dryer, thinning shears and professional shavers.  The type of comb we recommend is pictured below. For more information on grooming, please visit our grooming page.

Pom Poms are soft fuzzy balls, our cats absolutely love these.  We have found that these are the most popular toy in our cattery.  I personally like them because they are washable in the washing machine. It's not uncommon to find them submerged in the water bowl.  The package pictured is available in the craft section at stores such as Hobby Lobby, it sells for about $2.00 for the 20-piece package. These toys are kitten tested and cat breeder approved!

Kittens are very similar to children, we have found another popular toy in our cattery is a small measuring cup..... Go figure on that one!

Kookie Kitty Kurli-Q's are very popular in our Persian cattery.  Our Persian cats and kittens just love these wonderful little toys.  They toss these up in the air and play for hours.  We got ours at PetsMart for about $2.

These Cat Crazies are a big hit in our Persian cattery.  Our Persian cats and kittens love these.  It's not uncommon to see a kitten running across the room with one of thes crazy little things in their mouth.  The kittens have a blast playing with these.  These are also available at PetsMart for about $2.

This is the type of metal tooth comb we recommend for combing and dematting your Persian cat.  It is also called a finishing comb or a Greyhound comb.  It is available at most of your larger retail outlets such as PetsMart or PetCo, online at Revival Animal www.revivalanimal.com or PetEdge www.petedge.com.

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