What is L-Lysine and what are the benefits for cats?

How does L-Lysine benefit cats?

What is the old saying… An ounce of prevention?  Keeping your cat healthy through nutritional supplements is vital.  L-lysine can help with that.  L-Lysine is an essential amino acid. This means it must be ingested via diet and cannot be produced by the body. L-Lysine can help stimulate their white blood cells to produce antibodies and other antimicrobial proteins that help their bodies fight infections. Infections in cats that can be fought off in cats with L-Lysine are infections such as herpes and calici viruses.

Treating Feline Herpes Virus

A great reason to give your cat L-Lysine is it helps treat the feline herpes virus which is a common contagious disease in cats. If your cat has been diagnosed with the feline herpes virus, talk to your veterinarian about giving L-Lysine supplements.

Feline Immune Support

L-Lysine works in cats as it does in humans and can help keep illnesses at bay with its antiviral properties. In cats it can help with feline immunodeficiency virus also referred to as FIV, feline leukemia virus also referred to as FeLV as well as the calici virus.

Support your cat’s immune system with L-Lysine.

L-Lysine for cats is available in a powder that you can sprinkle over your cat’s canned or dry food. Daily dosing of L-Lysine can help your cat live a longer, healthier life. L-Lysine comes in fish flavored powder and is available without a prescription.

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