How do I tell if my cat is in heat?

Generally with female cats, when they are getting ready to come into season or heat, they become more friendly and cuddly than normal.  As they start to come into heat in addition to the extra cuddly, as you talk to them, they may start to roll around on the floor. Also they will stick their rump in the air and move their tail from side to side. They become extremely vocal and yowl as if it were in pain.  This can be very alarming.

Take extra precaution to ensure your female cat does not get outside.  Your female can be bred by several males.  This is a good time to call your veterinarian and schedule her spay procedure.  Most veterinarians will charge extra for the spay procedure if the procedure is completed when the female is in season.

During their heat cycle, the female will not eat much and therefore will most likely drop weight.

Many female cats will urinate to mark their territory and this will let the males know she is in season. In many cases, a female cat will urinate or defecate on beds, bedding, clothing or rugs.

There is no true way to end their heat cycle earlier than Mother Nature intended.  An unspayed female cat will continue to come into season until spayed or bred.  It can be very unhealthy for a female to continue to cycle past more that a couple of heat cycles . If she is continuing to cycle, you will want to schedule the spay procedure.